Gospel Teambuilding

Teambuilding with gospel music gathers and lifts the energy in the work place.
Motivate and strengthen the work community effectively in an untraditional way.


Gospel teambuilding creates a space, where teamwork can be experienced in a different context than in that, which we meet each other daily. Here the director and cleaners are standing side by side.



Song activates the body, feelings and intellect.

The common musical act strengthens the desire and will to co-operate and gives unique team experiences.



We use the immediate musicality in people to develop, strengthen and improve teamwork in groups from 10 – 500 people.


Gosepelmusik.dk works with some of Denmark´s most competent people in teambuilding, development of musical competence and innovative processes. Individually, through dialog, we gladly put together a program directed to your company and needs.



Gospel teambuilding usually consists of a combination of entertainment and interaction.

Examples of events:


· Kick Off
The day’s program is kicked off with a great big energy boost. The workshop´s purpose is to gather participants and give them a good and positive start to the day. Duration: from 20-40 min.


· Icebreaker
The event breaks the ice between participants and is a chance to lighten the process in connection with fusions and combinations, or during visits from international collaborators. The séance can possibly be done in English. The key words are laughter, happiness, and relief. Duration: from 30-60 min.


· Surprise
The day ends with an entertaining and refreshing surprise. The purpose of the event is to shake people together before the final dinner on a course day or before the company party, Christmas party, summer party etc. Duration: from 40-70 min.

The event can possibly be extended by an act during the dinner, where the instructor gives a mini-concert, or the participants perform with something from the previous workshop.


· Teambuilding
this workshop works as an integrated part of the company development or the course day. Possible key words, themes or company slogans can be incorporated into the workshop, so the program assists in giving the day a greater meaning, and will be remembered for a long time.

The purpose of the workshop is to strengthen the working community and challenges each individual’s ability to give room, listen and find their role in the greater whole. The group experiences in a short time, with the help of voices and body, how to create music and energy. Hopefully personal boundaries are crossed in a liberating and positive way.


· Closing Time Gospel
The staff union invites the staff to sign up to a gospel workshop after work. Duration: 2 hours with a short break in the middle. There can maybe be practiced on a song that can be performed on a later occasion in the company. The event can also be ended by recording the result.


Teambuilding with Gospel Music

In connection with courses, theme days, company parties and similar events, there is often a need for a common activity of a more active and social nature. In such a case it is an obvious choice with a workshop with an origin in gospel music, which gives everyone a chance to sing, whether they are routine singers or not.


Teambuilding with gospel can also be a welcome counterbalance to the courses or daily life’s more still sitting program.


Gospel teambuilding strengthens the community and challenges each individual’s ability to give room, listen and find their role in the greater whole. The group experiences in a short time, with the help of voices and body, how to create music and energy. And maybe some personal boundaries are crossed.

Optimum duration is from ½ to 1 ½ hours. We will gladly help with location if desired.


Contact gospelmusik.dk for more information and booking of gospel teambuilding by telephone on
+ 45 26390926 or


Lucas Tuan

Heidi Bisgaard





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